Stop guessing start assessing!

Optimize your strength, speed or endurance training with performance diagnostics – reach the next level in your sport.

You want to jump higher? You want to sprint faster? Your previous strength training has not produced the results you wanted? With performance diagnostics we will find out what is missing in your training. With the measurement of your specific physical performance, we analyze your current state. Together we define your performance potential in the areas of strength, speed and endurance. Our analysis lays the foundation for you to fully exploit and develop your performance potential.


Individualize your strength training with a strength analysis.

Standardized strength measurements check and optimize your training level. Make your training efficient and goal-oriented with the help of performance diagnostics. You can always track your training success and optimize it individually. Start now with effective strength training.

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For dance related performance diagnostics please contact Debbie.


Get faster and increase your agility with our analysis and specific training.

Most sports have one thing in common: speed! We measure your vertical and horizontal speed with a force plate and light barriers. Thanks to our performance diagnostics you’re always one step ahead.

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For dance related performance diagnostics please contact Debbie.


Optimize your future endurance training and achieve your goals.

With state of the art endurance tests from your sport we determine your current endurance performance. On this basis we create your individual endurance training plan. We offer lactate level tests and various sport-specific interval tests. Book your appointment and get tested.

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Our Prices

Strength / Speed

150.- CHF

1 hour

  • incl. training recommendation

Additional Training Plan

70.- CHF

  • individualised