Physiotherapy individually tailored to your needs

Suffering from back pain? You want to get back to training again after your cruciate ligament rupture? You prefer an individualized rehabilitation? – Then Skilllab is the right place for you!
We treat you by scientifically based physiotherapy standards. Our physiotherapists have many years of experience with complex injuries and patients from various sports. Together with our team you will work on your goals in a qualified environment!

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Our Skills

Musculoskeletal Injuries

orthopedic, surgical & conservative

Sports Physiotherapy

Our therapists and athletic coaches work closely together to ensure that you will be ready to perform at your best after your sports injury!

Complex Injuries

Even after an accident with complex or multiple injuries, you will be well looked after by us.

Radial Shock Wave Therapy

If you are dealing with chronic injuries and symptoms of overload, we support wound healing with the help of radial shock wave therapy.


We have the knowledge to treat injuries in children and young people from school age onwards and to help them to return to activity by putting them under age-appropriate loads.

MTT – Medical Training Therapy

You want to be able to train again soon? To ensure that your rehabilitation is successful in the long run, MTT helps you to create the optimal rehabilitation conditions. By building up your strength, you prepare your injured structures for the stress and strain after physiotherapy.

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Dizziness, whiplash injury, concussion

Headaches, neck pain, dizziness, difficulty with concentration, cognitive impairment, visual disturbances or even emotional changes can occur in connection with head injuries and neck injuries. Silvan Küng supports you in your rehabilitation process in close cooperation with the medical specialists.

Jaw Pain

We treat functional disorders in the jaw joint or pain in the face and neck with specific jaw physiotherapy.

Headache and migraine

If you have acute or chronic headaches, Silvan Küng is the right therapist for you.

Dry needling

We can treat muscular tension and trigger points with dry needling. A fine needle is inserted into the tight muscle to relieve tension.

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Our Prices

With a medical prescription the billing process is transacted via your health insurance company.

30 Minutes

75.- CHF

taxes incl. Examination, therapy and consultation without medical prescription:

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60 Minutes

150.- CHF

taxes incl.
Examination, therapy and consultation without medical prescription:

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